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The MC37M is great for large areas that need cooling, like outdoor patios, shops, warehouses, outdoor events, auto garages,  just to name a few.

Its design of the MC37M packs a powerful blast of 2,200 CFM of cooling air via a patented winged prop and four panels on three sides of high-density rigid media.

Like most all of these model fans they come with oscillating louvers that allow cool air to reach a wide area in a quiet and efficient means. And the oscillating fan is a great mosquito deterrent while outdoors are where ever mosquitoes are found.  The toggle and turn-dial temperature controls make it easy for you to adjust between the four temperature settings to obtain optimal cooling anywhere you take the MC37M Evaporative Cooler.

  • Airflow Delivery  3,100 CFM
  • Cooling Area    950 SqFt
  • Water Reservoir   10.3 Gallons
  • External Water Hose fill with auto shut off?  Yes
  • Motor  1/5 HP
  • Dimensions 25″ L x 17″ W x 37″ H
  • Weight  40 LB (without water)


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